When do we hand out the flyers?

The flyers should be handed out to students on week prior to the photographers arrival.

What do we do with the labels/camera cards?

Please have the labels printed and attached to the camera cards prior to the photographers arrival.

Where do we email the student data file?

Please email to Jamie directly. Her email is jamie@cpiphoto.net. Be sure to include the student name, id #, grade, and teacher information.

Do I need camera helpers?

Yes, we need two helpers each day who can stay with us all day to help.

What happens if a parent/child doesn’t get their package they ordered?

Please have them email help@cpiphoto.net directly. This is the fastest way to assist parents with any questions or concerns.

When do we receive class composites?

Class composites are mailed after the first of the year.

What if a parent forgets to order or wants to order later?

Parents can place a late order anytime at www.cpiphoto.net

What if I receive an order envelope from a teacher after the photographer has left?

Please return to the parents and instruct them to place the order online at www.cpiphoto.net.