Capturing Smiles...
Senior Portraits

CPI has several different Senior Portrait Programs. Your senior advisor or yearbook advisor will have details regarding your school's program.

Here are answers to the most common questions from seniors.

How/when will I see my proofs? Your proofs will be available to you online in 2-3 weeks after your portrait session. You will be emailed a password and directed to this site.

Will I receive regular paper proofs too? No. However, we will print small inkjet prints on normal white paper and send them to the school if needed.

How do I change my appointment? If you were given a "blind" appointment (one made for you), you may trade with a friend or see the photographer at the school for a new appointment. Only the photographer at the school can change a blind appointment. If you signed up for your appointment, see your advisor about making a change.

If you have additional questions regarding our senior programs or how to order, please use the contact us page to reach our customer sevice department.

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